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University of Oregon - Women's Golf
University of Oregon - Women's Golf mobile


Date: Check Back for Future Dates & Details
Who: Boys & Girls Ages 11 & Up
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $495 → Includes BLAST Unit ($150 Value)
18 Registrants Max, 6:1 Ratio of Students To Instructors
This is not your average golf camp. You will get the same instruction, tools and skills that University of Oregon golfers, and tour players receive. Learn the skills to being a great putter, Read, Speed and Aim. Your training and interactions, with certified Aimpoint instructor Brian Bailie, Head Coach Ria Scott, and Assistant Coach Laura Cilek, will prove helpful and beneificial in your pursuit for collegiate golf.

What Is AimPoint Golf

  • AimPoint Express is the cornerstone of your green reading mastery. This method is used by hundreds of tour players worldwide and will teach you how to read break like a seasoned professional. Appropriate for any age or playing level.
  • AimPoint Aim will teach you what factors change your aim and start line and will guide you how to fix those issues yourself. You will fine-tune your ability to roll the ball on your intended line and to diagnose problems.
  • AimPoint Speed will teach you how to understand changing speed conditions, uphill and downhill adjustments, and how to train. You will dramatically improve your overall putting performance.

University of Oregon Practice Facility at Emerald Valley Golf Course in Creswell, Oregon

What To Bring
Please bring your smartphone to use during BLAST training.

You Will

  • Learn AimPoint Express, the Green reading system used by Pros and Collegians all around the country. Three number one players in the world have used AimPoint Express.
  • Have 6:1 ratio of students to instructors
  • Learn how to control Putt Speed with the Blast Motion Sensor.
  • Receive your own Blast Motion Sensor to take home with you, a $150.00 value.
  • Learn to control your perception of straight.
  • Take away skills that will transfer over into junior golf, collegiately and playing professionally in the future.

What Is Blast Motion
Blast Golf is the industry’s most accurate stroke and swing analyzer designed to provide you with real-time feedback. Simply attach the sensor to your putter or club and start swinging. Information is automatically captured and sent to your smart phone or tablet in the form of easy to understand metrics. In-app training videos provide you with tips, drills, and actionable insights to help you improve timing, tempo, face rotation, and more. Blast’s patented Smart Video Capture™ technology automatically analyzes and clips your video to create a series of video highlights synced with your metrics, allowing you or your instructor to visually identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

9:00 AM → Introduction
9:15 AM → Level 100 - Speed & Aim Calibration
10:15 AM → Level 200 - Express 1
11:15 AM → Level 200 - Express 2
12:00 PM → Lunch
1:00 PM → Level 300 - AimPoint Advanced Training
2:00 PM → Level 400 - Competitions
3:30 PM → Review / Questions & Answers
4:30 PM → Closing Remarks
5:00 PM → Adjourn

Oregon Golf Camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).